♫ Five For Fighting – 100 Years

I woke up this morning with only five hours of sleep and had a mini panic attack over the clinic session I had to run today. I finished my resources, rehearsed, made ends meet – and then I had to get changed, cook myself a two minute breakfast, scarf it down in five etc. etc. etc. I put my foot down minutes before dashing out the door. Too much stuff was going on! I needed something fresh, something that would slap me on the back like an old friend back and tell me loudly that I’ve got this down pat. I found this friend in my Youtube recommendations.


Five For Fighting produces songs with thoughtful lyrics wrapped in hopeful melodies and a tranquil atmosphere. You can rely on them for a lot of moments where you just need a song, any song, to bring your spirits up in a poignant and sincere way. 100 Years reminded me that this nerve-wracking day is just 24 hours in the grand scheme of my life. It’s small but it’ll add up, so there’s nothing wrong with simply putting one foot in front of the other to take it all one at a time :)

P.S. The clinic session was a success! Well, it could have been better but it wasn’t a catastrophe either. Hurrah!

P.P.S. Two days into regular updates and I’m already uploading Tuesday’s post 21 minutes into Wednesday… you saw nothing :P But if you need an incentive to look the other way, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ll be doing a double update this Symbiotic Saturday. I just couldn’t decide between the two writing resources, so why not both!

P.P.P.S. When I was little, I never knew if it was P.P.S. or P.S.S. Did anyone else ever have that problem? Or is it just me?


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