✎ The Thoughts Room

There is a lot of noise in everyday life. There’s school, work, family, social media, unexpected catastrophes, bad moods, and don’t forget procrastination – to name just a few. It’s almost an Olympic sport, expecting anyone to be able to escape from this claustrophobic world to channel and write a fictional one. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything that can take away the noise around you with the same magic as Dumbledore’s Deluminator. But I’d love to point you towards something that might be able to help you empty the noise that’s inside your mind, and feel lighter for it.


The Thoughts Room

The Thoughts Room

What is it?

The Thoughts Room is a branch of the quiet place project (which I also recommend checking out) by Amitay Tweeto. The project is very much about finding inner peace and giving yourself room to contemplate the issues of your busy life. For example, the quiet place (its lowercase styling already breaks away from ‘loud’ capitals) encourages you to just spend 30 seconds doing absolutely nothing. You’ll soon realise how strong the urge to do the opposite is.

The Thoughts Room gives you the night sky on your monitor, soft music, and a special bar to type anything you like. This is not a writing program or anything of the sort; the room will not save what you write. It does quite the opposite, allowing you to watch the words crumble and fall to the bottom of the screen – literally breaking down your thoughts.

How is this useful?

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to concentrate with so much going on around us. Cars hooting, assignments to finish, babies crying; but quite often, it is our own state of mind that keeps us restless. Try using The Thoughts Room before you sit down to write. Remember that you don’t have to write about your writing. The aim is to clear all the signals jamming our mind by releasing them into the room, and by doing so hopefully feel a little more comfortable. At the same time, you are also getting words down and engaging the creative side of your brain. You’re warming up those bunnies on the plotting treadmills.

The room might help you find focus when writing your story; it might not. That’s for you to decide. I’d only encourage you to give The Thoughts Room a try, simply because there’s no harm in it.

Tips when using The Thoughts Room:
  • Try not to think about writing at all. Treat the room like a diary. It’s a form of release, not a chore. Don’t drive your inner quiet place into a corner by making it feel obligatory. Use it whenever you feel you need to.
  • Do as the project suggests and turn off all social media and silent your phone. Write in a quiet room if you can, even for just a few minutes.
  • Sometimes the animation and music will get jittery and lag after a while using the room. When this happens, you can easily refresh the page, skip the introduction and continue on if it bothers you.
  • If you find that you can’t type in the box, try clicking into the area of the ‘room’ rather than the surrounding borders.
  • Don’t forget to write about good things! It’s easy to feel like The Thoughts Room is for releasing pent-up negative emotions, which it’s great for – but you don’t have to think of the room as ‘that depressing place’ :)

I hope this first Symbiotic Saturday post was useful. I’ll admit that I don’t personally use The Thoughts Room much, not because I dislike it but because the idea to use it as a springboard for writing only just occurred to me! I realised that I spent all those hours procrastinating just trying to get into the ‘mood’ for writing, and thought I couldn’t possibly be the only one. Please give The Thoughts Room a try; I’d love to hear what you think of it. If you love it, don’t forget to thank Amitay Tweeto for creating it!

Happy writing!

munchkinwrites, signing out.


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