Busy Bee, Busy Me



I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! My mum actually had to work day and night shifts, so we couldn’t spent much time together. I bought her a small blanket (it’s actually a pink kiddie-sized one) to keep her warm during her lunch break naps. I snuck it in her car the night before, and stuck an origami heart on her steering wheel, which she doesn’t want to take off now :L She was surprised even though I’d pulled the car trick before. Love you, Mama Munchkin!

I also had dinner with my boyfriend’s family. I bought his mum a nice warm robe, and thick winter socks for his relatives. So there I was in Kmart, arms piled high with cotton and fleece, attracting an elderly lady’s curious stares. I think she mistook me for a snowman.



I thought I had class at 11 today. It was at 12. It’s always been at 12.




I think I’ve fallen in love with Tekken the fighting game. Granted, my wins are 75% fluke… but hey, a girl needs to dish out some blows every now and then ;)



After running a full clinic session by myself last week, I thought I would be able to take a break this week. In fact, I was on the way to the arcade on Saturday when my phone buzzed. Looked at it. Absolutely cringed. Because my mentor has never, ever, called me before.

“Hi,” she said slowly, dragging the single syllable out in the most sheepish tone I’d ever heard. “I have a bomb to drop on you…”

Yep, I’m running another session this week. With half the notice. My reaction:

OTLBUT I’m proud to say I got all the planning and paperwork done on time! The session is on tomorrow. Wish me luck!



Thanks to #4 unexpectedly blindsiding my plans, I was unable to put up the double Symbiotic Saturday update I had promised. It’s so terrible that I’m already breaking promises two weeks into this blog – I’m soooo sorry! There will be times where I won’t be able to update as scheduled, but I’ll do my best to keep them to a minimum.

To make up for it, I will be posting more material this week: 2 songs, 5 writing prompts and 2 resources in total! I also wrote a quick oneshot story last week that I’ve been meaning to put up. If anyone is interested in my writing, that’s something to look out for – but don’t expect too much, haha.

feature image from au pair

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