♫ Nicholas Wells – A Little Bit

I listen to many underrated and unknown artists, because my music tastes don’t blend well with the pop fever on the airwaves (I assert that radio music was awesome in the 90s and early 2000s; I’m such a Gen Y :P). There are always gems out there to be found and for me, Nicholas Wells was one of them.

With the dubstep and electronic beats, it’s sometimes easy to forget that music can be calm. The acoustic quality in Nicholas Wells really brings out a lulling rhythm. These are the types of songs that make me pause whatever I’m doing to relish the welcome change in tempo. It makes you simply want to close your eyes and listen.

Don’t forget to check out Nicholas’ youtube channel! … In fact, I just visited it now after several months and realised that he actually did a cover of 100 Years by Five For Fighting, that I’d posted on this blog just last week! Have a listen! It sounds great; love the piano and those high notes.

Remember to support Nicholas by buying his songs on iTunes if you like his music :)

feature image from nicholaswellsmusic

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