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♫ Trisha Yearwood – How Do I Live

Old songs were so simple. The lyrics are plain and straightforward, the melodies slow and regular. Yet there is this calming sincerity about it all. You don’t need great sound effects or even an eye-catching MV (though I’ve heard lovely music with both these qualities). The singers could really sing.

I came across this song yesterday, actually. I’d just finished my group assignment and was procrastinating before I started fretting over making clinic resources. I was watching The Ellen Show for a while (probably why I ended up sleeping at 2am). Then I wanted to get to work and I don’t know how I found  this song, but I’m glad I did. It set a wonderful mood for me. I love that saxophone (I think it’s a saxophone?)  solo. As I stayed up losing sleep and my mind, I had this song on replay and some part of me believed Trisha Yearwood’s amazing voice was serenading me to a calmer place, reminding me that most things in life are quite simple.

These are the kinds of songs I’d love to drive down the highway to. Soon, baby. Soon.


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