Zombies and Small Worlds

week 3


Mumbo Monday came out on Tuesday this week (as per usual) because I was just way too dead last night. I slept at 2:30am, got up at 7 and painfully survived the whole day. It’s 9:12pm right now and it’s the first moment of proper peace I’ve gotten in the past month. I had 4.5 hours of sleep. Fact: I have a natural sleep cycle of 12 hours. Kill me.


I did my last individual session for clinical placement today and as much as I love seeing my client, I must say I’m glad it’s over. I can now take it easy until the end of semester. Then I have to worry about whether or not I’m going to pass the subject.

My client today realised that we were almost finished with our 12-session cycle and asked me if we could have more. I couldn’t say yes no matter how much I wanted to, but just hearing that he wants to come back has made it all worth it. He made a pizza in today’s session! and it practically caught on fire in the oven


On Sunday, my boyfriend and I noticed an auction sign for a townhouse opposite my apartment. We thought it looked like our dream house. I swear, if we were older and richer, we probably would have snapped it up that instant. But of course, we didn’t. We just stood there admiring, really – both the property, and the fact that the billboard spelled out ‘apptointment’.

24 hours later, I had this online conversation with one of my uni friends. We were collaborating on an assignment together.

Friend: Buddy. I think I’m moving.

Me: Wut. Seriously?

Friend: Yeah, seriously.

Me: Where are you moving?

Friend: Suburb X.

Me: …………..

Friend: What? What’s wrong?

Me: Buddy. I live in Suburb X.

Friend: … Seriously? Wow. That’s… wow. Well, it’s not confirmed. That’s if we win the auction.

Me: Auction? Wait. Wait, wait. Address?

Friend: X street.

Me: …………………………………………. It’s got four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s a townhouse.

Friend: YES. YES. Don’t tell me-

Me: Yes, neighbour. Yes.

I thought this kind of thing only happened in movies. I love being wrong.


We celebrated my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday on Saturday. Their little cousins were there and I absolutely adore them even though they love running away from me. They’re usually quite hyper, running around all over the place. This time, they were nice and quiet. Their mother was like “Whatever they’re doing, don’t break the spell.”

They were watching Despicable Me on TV.

I wanted to join them.

I absolutely cannot wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out in June… HURRY UP! I’M DYING! DX


Lately I’ve been thinking about changing the theme to a more traditional blog layout. It’s currently a magazine-styled theme. I chose it because a) it looked awesome, b) I thought it’d display the different types of content quite well, c) I pretty much just fell in love with it. But I also feel like it’s so… empty. You have to click so much. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty lazy. I just want to scroll and scroll. Plus, I might even take out Mumbo Mondays and blog more casually whenever I feel like it, so a regular blog theme might work out better. I guess I’ll experiment a bit. Any suggestions, feel free to speak up!

Hope everyone has a great week! I’m sure looking forward to the rest of mine!

feature image from coverbooth

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