A Fresh Makeover

Welcome back! Come right in and have yourself a cup of hot chocolate:

hot chocolateI owed you that cup from my very first post. The site was young and unknown, and to be honest it was almost created on a whim of boredom. But people have dropped by, said hi, liked posts and even subscribed and I thought, “Wow. I’d better take this seriously.” So I did. If I’m going to do something you can bet I’m aiming to do it well. There’s no point otherwise! Besides, I’m starting to love doing this. I love posting, meeting new people and giving something back.

So without further ado, I deliver not only hot chocolate but some changes to Plotting Bunnies:


I had a very… scheduled vision for Plotting Bunnies. I knew what I wanted to deliver: blogging, writing resources, music and the occasional book review. The schedule went like this:

  • Monday = blog
  • Tuesday = music feature
  • Thursday = writing prompts
  • Saturday = writing resource

Looks good, if I do say so myself.

I blew it on the first day.

Okay, I didn’t completely but I wasn’t really on time. I was usually a day behind on updates because of life’s dramas. I have uni from Monday to Thursday, gym and dates on Friday and a tutoring job on Saturday morning. It was hectic, to say the least. Ironically, I wanted to post at random moments and ended up holding off because it wasn’t ‘timetabled’. Utter fail. The timing probably worked out because Australia is ahead of most of the world, but there really wasn’t a point to the schedule if I couldn’t keep it. It even got mildly stressful and I didn’t want blogging to feel like a chore.

Change, I decided, was just around the corner.


And so, change happened.

  1. Design
    The old site theme was the first to go. Originally Plotting Bunnies was designed on Oxygen. Magazine themes took too much clicking and Oxygen didn’t give the post exposure I wanted because the stickies didn’t show excerpts. It was pretty though. I loved the aesthetics and I did spend an hour drawing that amateur header. But sacrifices had to be made. I trawled through WordPress themes, experimenting and eliminating.The result: another magazine theme. I know. Hypocrite – yes. Fate… maybe.

    I like the quirks of this sturdy Morning After theme. It looks more cluttered and busy, that’s for sure; maybe even messy. I think it makes the blog look more cosy somehow. And it’s so much easier to maintain. So for now, farewell, Plotting Bunnies V1. You will be remembered fondly.Old site

  2. Scheduling and content
    Updates will no longer be scheduled to specific days. I will still post weekly. That means writing resources, prompts and music at least once a week; you – and I – just won’t know when. In other words, it’s almost ‘back to normal’. I may deliver at any time, but I will deliver. I will probably post more than once in each category every week, because let’s face it: there’s too much good music out there. Picking just 52 a year to feature is traumatising!I will also be posting more frequently. This is partially because I’ve dropped the idea of summarising my week in Mumbo Monday posts. See, the thing is: I have bad memory. I don’t remember five things about my week and sometimes they’re really not that interesting anyway. On the other hand, there are days when I wanted to dedicate a whole post to one thing. Now, blog posts will be more flexible and traditional. Whatever, whenever is how it will go.
  3. Values
    If there’s something that hasn’t changed, it’s the values. I actually consider Plotting Bunnies more of site than a blog because the latter is a lot more egocentric. I want Plotting Bunnies to be a cyber cubbyhouse with a communal atmosphere, where like-minded people could share thoughts and ideas with kindred spirits. It’s not all about me (I’m shy, believe it or not!). Anyone is more than welcome to comment on posts and share their writing. I promise everyone will be respected.Like I mentioned on my About page, I’m not a writing guru. I’m just a girl with an imagination and what I’d really love to do is help others create their stories. Used one of my random creative prompts? I’m definitely interested in seeing it! You’re doing the 100 themes challenge as well? We can aim for it together! Hit a creative rut? Same here, let’s moan about it together. Just wanted to say hi? Awesome, HULLO! Come chat with me on Twitter too. I’d love to hear your voices and stories so don’t hold back on me :)

I’ll start:

Hi there, my name’s Christine. I like to read, write and daydream. Nice to meet you!


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