♫ Dirk Ehlert – Burning Rome

I’m incredibly meticulous about my music library. All songs have album artwork, are rated and categorised by genre. My iPod is my baby. In this past year, a new genre has appeared in my music. I call it: epic.

Theatrical music. Trailer scores. That kind of thing.The awesome music.

Maybe it’s because I’m writing a fantasy novel or because I plain love it – I just do. Love it, I mean. In fact, I adore it. I have a particular taste for emotional scores that carry a tone of determination and fight. I find it all so visual and appealing to my senses. Just listening to this amazing music helps me visualise the climatic scenes I’ve got planned… that, at the rate I’m snailing along, may never get written. But every time an ‘epic’ song comes on, the scene starts flooding in and I tell myself “Keep writing. This is what you’re aiming for. This is what it’ll look like. Imagine listening to this when you’re writing the action – live for that moment!”

Burning Rome is one of my newfound favourites. I wish it was longer, with a less-rushed ending, but that’s also the power of these scores. Being able to pack that much cinematic impact into 2 minutes is nothing short of a worthwhile feat. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Dirk Ehlert’s music.

Plug in the headphones, hit play and close your eyes. Maybe you’ll love it the way I do. Enjoy!


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