♫ Eppic & Jess Moskaluke – Storm Before The Calm

At the time this song came out, I had a grand total of 58c in my iTunes account. It was absolute torture. Granted, I compounded it by being too lazy to buy a new voucher (no such pains anymore – debit card ftw!). But still, it took me a full month to get around to purchasing Storm Before The Calm. In between, I probably contributed a couple hundred views to the video.

Even though I love this song so much, it’s hard for me to explain exactly how it gives me that special, never-skip-this-song-on-shuffle feeling. It just feels real somehow, without taking away the grit of hardship or filling the lyrics with fairytale endings. To me, this song sounds like a promise. I’ve followed Jess from the start, ever since Tyler Ward led me to Catch Me If You Can. Since then, Jess has grown into an amazing artist, staying true to her powerful vocals. When I showed my boyfriend her songs, he asked me, “I wonder if it’s talent or lots of practice.” I laughed: “Both, honey. It’s always both.”

Here’s an admission: I don’t listen to much rap. Hearing Eppic was the first time I had a perfectly natural response to a song flowing into a rap. “This,” I thought, “is pretty awesome.” Eppic has tight control and skill, but what struck me was how sincere he sounded. There’s true honesty in his voice. The more I listened to the lyrics, the more I wanted to hear more. You’re a gem, Eppic – a real gem!

Every time I hear this song, I can imagine these two amazing voices trying to tell everyone a simple message: the rain will stop someday. Thanks for delivering wonderful music to our ears!

Support the artists by:

Buying the song on iTunes (hopefully no one follows in my footsteps!)

Visiting their youtube channels: Eppic  |  Jess

Storm Before The Calm


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