♫ Help Nicholas Wells make good music!

“In the music scene today, I feel like the art of songwriting sometimes gets lost under dance beats and electronic sound effects. I want to give you a genuine album of heartfelt songs on which I’m accompanied by musicians playing real instruments in a great acoustic space.”

^ That is something I have been waiting to hear for far too long.

You might remember Nicholas Wells’ music as one of the first I featured on my blog. He’s far too underrated for his talent. This man’s songs resonate with sincere emotion; his voice and style is everything I wish was mainstream. He’s now recording a new album and needs some support on his Kickstarter project. I’ve promised myself I will pitch in as soon as possible. If you guys like Nicholas’ music, please consider backing the project with any contribution and sharing the news around!

We’ve all got our dreams. For me, it’s incredibly inspiring to see others strive to reach theirs. Being able to look back and think “I helped make this happen” is as meaningful to you as it is to the receiver. Buying a hot chocolate I didn’t really need (but really, really enjoyed) puts me in a good mood, but pitching those small dollars towards someone’s dream will definitely put me in an even better mood!

Show support for Nicholas Wells’ album!

Here is another of Nicholas Well’s songs that I greatly enjoy. Hope you guys do too! Remember to share this amazing music around!

And here is one of the songs I hope to hear in its full glory on the new album!


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