✎ New writing resource category: Featured Articles

It looks this blog has finally started settling down properly since its birth almost two months ago. My whimsies with design and content gave Plotting Bunnies a super-long ‘under construction’ period, but I’ve abstained. All is well now.

Naturally, this means we have to introduce something new! i’msuchahypocrite

‘Resources for Writers’ is a huge focus of this blog, because there’s no better way to learn about writing than to share knowledge around. To make it easier for navigation, I’ve always filed each resource I post under specific categories. Today, I’ve decided to introduce yet another category:

Featured articles


The story goes like this: I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, clicked a link by someone I follow and was led to an amazing article. I knew I had to share it. But just as my mouse was hovering over the retweet button, I paused.

If I retweeted it now, my 23 followers might see it if they can be bothered scrutinising each individual tweet in their timeline – which I admittedly don’t have time to do myself. And assuming they saw it, it would only happen in the now. The link would get drowned under new tweets. We’d forget about it. I would not remember that I had read such an informative article and – here’s the key – I might have a hell of a time finding it when I actually needed it.

The solution: archive it.

When I see an awesome article, there’s nothing I want to do more than share it with you guys. So every time I see an article or blog post containing good information that I found useful, I will feature it on Plotting Bunnies. Easy. Not only will I feel great about sharing my newfound treasures, I hope it sends a grateful message to the wonderful people who wrote them up – that we appreciate your hard work!

With all fun, I’ll need to lay down some simple ground rules (mostly for myself):

  • This new category is only one of several different content categories I post about. This blog isn’t going to become a large-scale retweet project for other people’s posts; I will continue posting resources, music and blogs about life as I usually do. Posting frequency will increase since each article will be updated with its own post, but just keep in mind that articles are actually a very small component of what I post.
  • In fact, to avoid such, uh, spamming, I’ve decided to only post a maximum of three articles a week. This will also ensure that I’m being selective. I’m not about to feature every article I read, even if they are marvelous, if that’s just going to turn my archive list into a maze!
  • I will only post as necessary; if I’ve read nothing this week, I won’t purposefully look for something passable that I can feature. It’s all very casual. It’s more of an archive for myself, really.
  • I will also avoid general posts about someone’s writing progress, experiences of ‘philosophy’ in general. I actually love reading them, and luckily for me they are available in abundance if you type ‘writing’ into the reader. I will try to only post articles that contain useful tips or advice – just like my ‘tips’ category in the resources; only by other people. It’s a similar philosophy; I don’t file posts about my personal writing under resources, so I will maintain the same objectivity with the articles. Cool? Awesome.
  • You are more than welcome to link me to your own articles if you’d like me to look at them. The decision to feature will still be mine but I’ll always be happy to read anything. That said, please make sure your article complies with my above policy. If you’re uncertain, hang back a bit and see what I feature to get a better idea :)

Aaaaand that’s it! I really don’t like sounding like such an admin. I hope this new feature will be helpful to some. As always, thanks for stopping by my blog and an even bigger thanks (with hot chocolate) to those who decided to subscribe. You all humble me!

I’ve already got two articles lined up. Stay tuned if you’re interested!

Write on,



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