♫ ThePianoGuys (Jon Schmidt) – All of Me

I have a huge amount of respect for ThePianoGuys. These are musicians who truly enjoy creating music from the bottom of their heart – you can tell by how much fun they’re having! Jon Schmidt’s skill shines through in one of his most popular piano pieces. I love the uplifting tone, that sense of adventure. A keeper on my instrumental playlist for sure!

Please support the artists by purchasing their music off iTunes and visiting their youtube channel. I have many more favourites by these guys so chances are you’ll be seeing more of them – wait till you hear Steven Sharp Nelson’s cello!

P.S. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this week. I’ve got mid-semester exams coming up next week so I’m hunkered down studying… well, I’m supposed to be studying. I mean, I AM studying. I’m just mildly distracted by the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush game, that’s all :)




2 thoughts on “♫ ThePianoGuys (Jon Schmidt) – All of Me

  1. I love the Piano Guys! They have some really fun videos- and the musical talent! Way worth looking up for those who haven’t been introduced.

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