I Write Like… WHO?!

Scrolling through the reader, I noticed that Kicking the Pants had posted about a website – I Write Like – that tells you which author your style is similar to. I’ve seen this years ago so I instantly knew what they were talking about. I forgot who I got back then (most likely someone uneducated me didn’t know), so I thought I’d do it again. Maybe I’m now more invested in writing and more well-read to appreciate those great author names – after all, I did recently buy Inferno (Dante, not the other Dan), Beowolf and The Picture of Dorian Gray. I just… haven’t read them yet. It’s a step outside my comfort zone, classics. I think it shows. Just leave me be.

Anyway, I put in part of my novel draft, not really caring that I was planning to edit it out anyway. Alas, I did get a name I recognised. I stared at it. And stared. And some more.

I write like
Bram Stoker

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

… That was unexpected. Horror? Vampires? Took me a few minutes to wrap my head around that bone. Then I told myself it wasn’t supposed to be about the content but the writing style. I haven’t read any of Stoker’s works (though I’d been on the verge of buying Dracula last week), so I’ll just take the comparison with the comfort that I at least know the author by name.

Needless to say, Stoker’s books are now on my reading list.

Since it was getting interesting, I figured I’d try chucking in another piece of my writing, this time from a chapter of fanfiction I’ve been working on.

… Actually, I haven’t done that yet. Hang on.



Unveiling the red curtain, I’ve got here…

I write like
Jane Austen

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

… Right. Same reaction again. Except this time I actually own Pride and Prejudice. It was a recent gift from my boyfriend. Yes, I haven’t opened that either.

Well. How very interesting. I’m sure it’d be much more enlightening if I actually read these timeless authors’ books, which I vow to do sometime between now and the next apocalypse. I’m pretty sure I’d get a handful of other names with other sample paragraphs. But even if you take these types of generators with a pinch of salt, I reckon they can still be fun. Have a go if you’re interested! Here’s the link again: I Write Like

Any F. Scott Fitzgeralds or J.D. Salingers out there? I wonder if Shakespeare is in the mix. Geoffrey Chaucer?

Yeah, I totally chose those authors because I was forced to study them in high school.

Have a good one!


8 thoughts on “I Write Like… WHO?!

  1. I love trying these things, though I agree that the answers are probably going to vary a lot even with the same writer. Just for fun, I tried one of my fanfics and got Arthur Conan Doyle and get reeeeally excited… then realized that it was a Sherlock fanfic so it probably just picked up on the names. XD Ah, well.. I can dream. ;)

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