“This is gold!” – Rediscovering my earliest stories

So there I was cleaning up the apocalypse I call a room, and I come across an old exercise book. There were two things in it: my mother’s lotto numbers, and a story written by my eight year old self. Or maybe I was nine. It probably wasn’t my first story but it’s still pretty ancient!

Just for giggles, I’m going to share it with you guys, totally unedited. Please excuse a kid’s poor grammar and ignorance of paragraphs!

The Secret Cave Full Of Gold

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a little village who was kind and obedient. This boy’s name was Yugi. Yugi lived with his mum and dad, his uncles and aunties and his grandparents. His family was really poor and Yugi had to find a job to survive. The only job left in the village was delivering heavy sacks of rice to a list of families. His salary was $200 and 10 cupfuls of rice. Yugi loved this job because of his salary and lifting things. One day when Yugi was heading home he found a piece of paper with a lot of lines and looked like a map. It was a treasure map. He was so exciting that he ran as quickly as he could, nearly tripping over his feet. When he got home everyone was very excited about the treasure map. They decided that if they found the treasure and it was full of gold they would share half with the village. Yugi thought that only he should go and find the treasure because finding treasure could be dangerous, so it was settled. Yugi went to work the next day and told the boss that he would be away for a while to find treasure he promised to share half with the vllage and him if he didn’t make him lose his job. The boss agreed and Yugi went home to pack up the things he would need. When he was ready he waved farewell to his family and set of. 3 days later, Yugi found the entrance to a secret cave that bore the treasure but it was covered by a big boulder so he began to shove the boulder out of the way, after a few hours work the boulder moved aside. Yugi went inside the cave and found a treasure chest full of gold so he took it home with him. When he got home he shared the gold and continued with his job. He and his family lived happily ever after.

My reaction:

  • “HAHAHAHAHAhahaha… hahah… ha…”
  • “That kid earns a lot.”
  • “I remember I got ‘Yugi’ from the Yu-Gi-Oh series I used to love.”
  • “Huh, my spelling actually wasn’t that bad. But I can teach this kid a bit about being interesting.”
  • “Pfft! ‘exciting’, ‘of’ – good try, kiddo. I’m proud of you.”
  • “It’s decided. I was in grade 2 when I wrote this. I don’t want to believe it was in grade 3 or 4.”
  • “… Dang. This kid’s handwriting is better than mine!”

Anyone else found their childhood writing and got a kick out of it? :P

My mum's lotto research. She's cute like that.

My mum’s lotto research. She’s cute like that.

On an unrelated note, this is how my cleaning day turned out:



3 thoughts on ““This is gold!” – Rediscovering my earliest stories

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  2. …and one strong kid too! i think it’s nice finding these things. i actually know where some of my early works are but i don’t have the guts to read them :lol: also, good job on taking the junk out of your desk and moving them to the floor :lol:

    • I have that same feeling. Unearthing your old writing is both fascinating and mortifying. It’s easier to look at the really early ones because then you can say you were just an innocent kid, haha. And thank you! I spent a lot of effort on the cleaning :P It’s much better now. Possible to walk without tripping.

      Thanks for reading!

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