Make Gifts for People

Camp NaNo is proving to be a hard mile, but seeing this awesome poster/comic made my day! Every writer, artist or aspiring creativist (is that a word) should have something like this on their wall. I’m planning to order a poster version and tack it up on mine!

Make Gifts for People by John Green

Buy the poster HERE!


P.S. I’m ever more motivated to read John Green’s books now. We got An Abundance of Katherines for my boyfriend’s sister (no prizes for guessing her name, though you probably won’t get the right spelling, haha). I still can’t believe my library doesn’t stock The Fault In Our Stars!

P.P.S. Behind but still soldiering on for Camp. I know it’s been quiet with updates – I’ll return full force after I WIN this embarrassing NaNo experience! Hope the writing goes well for everyone!

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