Everything Is Interesting

A well-written, true (and very interesting) tribute to creative minds everywhere. Good stuff!

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

Everything Is Interesting

For the creative person, everything is interesting.


Every thing.

Every natural wonder, every man-made phenomenon, every moment of human interaction no matter how small or insignificant or significant or world-changing or spontaneous or planned or tragic or brutal, every design or act of chaos is a fascinating study of “Why?”

Every thing is the spark for an opportunity to create.

Every surface is a medium for the intended message.

Every person is a character study for a writer: facial response to sucking a lemon; every mannerism, action, the way the old man eats cake with a knife and fork in a cafe; the way a girl rummages through her backpack; the way pigeons scatter when a child runs through them.

Every sound is a potential sample for a musician: the rattle of a stick down a fence; the clack of a typewriter hammer; the echo…

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