How Do I Publish My Book?

Figuring out how to take the first step into the publishing world is hard. Lucky there are great informative, easy-to-understand overviews such as this one. I couldn’t be farther from this stage (hah, I’m still trying to write a sensible prologue!) but if I ever get there, I’ll be sure to whip this back out for a good look.

Editing Addict, LLC

Congratulations! You have your book finished—and now you want to publish it. What do you do? How many options are there?

Firstly, what is your goal? Are you planning on sharing your book with your mom and  your great aunt Molly? Then you want to use Print On Demand. If you have a larger audience in mind, but don’t have the time—nor the patience—to wait for Traditional Publishing, you can always try Self Publishing; it is a road where you are judge, advocate and jury…so be prepared. If none of these fit your style, you can embrace the transformers of the publishing world: Hybrid Publishing. 

What is Print On Demand?

  • POD is an option to upload your manuscript AS IS to a site, and they will convert it to an eBook, as well as print a limited number of books for you.
  • This does not allow for…

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