Life After Camp NaNo: Quick Update

Phew! It sure feels good to take a breather after some intense camping even if I took many of those anyway. This blog got a little neglected while I was making my mad dash. I’m now back full force, although that also goes for uni (farewell, sweet holidays…). I have a lot of resources, reviews and whatnots in backlog, and will do my best to get them out to you guys as soon as possible. In the meantime, please take this super quick update as an offering – there were no more sacred artifacts left on the market…


Plotting Bunnies has been nominated for three blog awards! After the first Liebster Award, I’m even more honoured. This isn’t something I’ll ever get used to. I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to take part in them yet – I’m hoping to get around to that this month. For now, here’s a huge thanks to Write-Minded Razo, Coffee Stained and A Place That Does Not Exist – thanks guys!


I actually derailed into a YA novel story during Camp NaNo. I really thought it would take over as my WIP but it ran out of steam after a few days. I’m glad. If I don’t manage to make myself write Project Ark, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write a book for the rest of my life. Scary moment.


It’s strange how I walked into Camp without any idea how glad I would be about the decision a month later. It’s one of the first times I’ve had such a strong sense of doing something rather than waiting for magic to happen. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish Project Ark (scary moment #2) but it definitely won’t happen if I keep running from the battlefield.


I’m waiting excitedly for Camp NaNo’s winner goodies to come out over the next couple of days. I’ve heard there is a 50% off Scrivener coupon code in the deal, which is traditional in November’s write-a-thon. If there is, I would love to hold a small giveaway draw on this blog for you guys. Scrivener is a great piece of writing software, especially if you intend to publish/format e-books. I use it as a place to file my research, which it does an amazing job of. I already have the program myself and I’m always trying to think of ways to give back to my readers. I would love NaNoWriMo forever if it would give me that chance. Fingers crossed for a coupon in the winner’s goodies!

If you’ve never heard of Scrivener, check out the official website here. It was also one of the first resource reviews I wrote for this blog, which you can look at here. I recommend taking a look at these links if you’re at all interested in this tentative giveaway, which I really hope can happen! Check back for updates!


Taking a nice suggestion from One Starving Activist (who regularly writes thought-provoking pieces using my weekly prompts, sometimes in combination with several others as well!), I’ve worked on some simple badges for Plotting Bunnies that can be used as icons for links, or whatever you prefer. I actually finished some a while ago but had no time to organise a post. Don’t expect masterpieces, haha. I did spend time on them though, so I hope you guys like them :)


I’ve been reading a lot and fell into the terrible habit of opening several books at once. I’m all over the place. I’m halfway through Stephen King’s On Writing and Sarah Dessen’s new book The Moon and More. Anthony Ryan’s fantasy novel Blood Song has got me hooked – only it’s a real paperweight and is taking me a while. On top of that, I carry The Writer’s Little Helper by James V. Smith in my bag, whose tips I ingest on the train. And I’m a chapter into James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure. Don’t even get me started on where I am with Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey.  Yeah… this isn’t getting anywhere… but hey, better than nothing, right?!

Oh, and I have some reviews to write… I can’t keep quoting Anne Lamott without ever reviewing her book!


Finally, lucky seven. And it’s very lucky indeed… Because on 22 July, I won an iPad from a Stacker game at the arcade. It was my second go at the machine that day.

An iPad after $5. Oh em gee.


Still pinching myself…

I continued trying my luck for another $10 but I couldn’t get anything. There was absolutely no pressure on me when I won out of the blue. Now I’ve gotten cocky and curious. I still sneak a few bucks every time I’m in the area and I’m a bit paranoid I’ll get into a gambling mindset. After today’s experiment, I’m pleased to say I’m addicted but still able to walk away after the credit is spent. Phew! But still hoping for a day I can surprise my boyfriend with an xbox. If anyone comes by City Amusements at Market City, Sydney, you might find me there.


That’s it for now, folks! Thanks for reading, sticking around and especially for keeping me motivated during Camp. I’ll be up and posting soon!

Words are oxygen,


One thought on “Life After Camp NaNo: Quick Update

  1. It sucks being too young to do anything worthwhile. And by anything, I mean pretty much EVERYTHING that gives you a sense of something well done.

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