GIVEAWAY: 50% off Scrivener coupon

I started this blog at the end of April not really knowing what to expect. What am I doing? What do I want to get out of this? Honestly, I had no idea! So I tried reaching out to the writing community, reading up on interesting posts, leaving comments and pretty much having a good time from my computer chair. I didn’t expect anyone to reach back, but you did. Now, months later, I’m pretty sure this was what I wanted all along. You guys made it possible.

I’ve been trying to find a way to thank you guys before Plotting Bunnies even hit 100 followers. Now we’re up to 200 ninja bunnies picking up my posts in their reader. Some of you followed for the sake of following, but I’m always so happy to hear from those who like what they see. Now the wonderful people behind Camp NaNoWriMo have given me a chance to give something back to you guys – what I hope to be the first of more giveaways to come!

This is a biiiiiiggggg thank you to all the readers who dropped by Plotting Bunnies, even once. Yep, just once. That means you.

Very recently, I won my first attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo, beating my goal by an impressive two words. Those two words earned me a pretty certificate, a colourful selection of blog badges (which I can’t wait to put up!), and a single coupon code to get the writing program Scrivener for 50% off. Surely you can see where this is going.


Yup, one lucky person will inherit my 50% off Scrivener coupon. Hurray!

“Wait, I want to know more about Scrivener!” Sure thing, buddy! You’ll find all the information you need on the official website, as well as my own review of the software. Scrivener’s full price usually goes for $40 USD.

“GIMME, GIMME, GIMMEEEEEE!” Sure thing #2, buddy! Follow these quick steps so I can write your name on a piece of paper and add it to my rabbit hat!


1. Do your research. Is Scrivener suitable for your use? Reckon you’ll like it? Please only continue to the other steps if you are truly interested. Don’t be the one who lets a perfectly good coupon collect dust and expire!

2. Say hello in the comments. “Yo, whassup, hi, ohayo gozaimasu” etc. I’ll say hi back! I just like meeting people.

3. Continue commenting! Say whatever you like – with just one catch. Your comment must contain the word ‘rabbit(s)’ at least twice. Hah. It can be as random or sophisticated as you like, from “I’m a rabbit that likes rabbits” to “The weather is absolutely spiffing today. I’d also like to inform you that rabbits preserve the same rights as homosapiens and should therefore be represented in international affairs by a dignified Rabbit Council TM.”
(Feel free to leave a spectacular rabbit message even if you don’t want to be included in the draw. Simply let me know in your comment.)

4. Share this post around so others can join in! Quickest way is to reblog but you can also tweet it, email it – anything. The more the merrier!

5. Check back in 7 days! Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if your lucky name is picked out!


  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning. If only one person participates, they have as much chance of winning as their non-existent competitors (but because they’re non-existent they are automatically disqualified, so that’s a big 100% certainty right there pfftt, just messing with ya).
  • With the coupon, Scrivener will cost $20 USD. You can download the trial version from the site for free and test it for 30 runs before entering. I’d really appreciate it if the winner put the voucher to use :) That said, you’re more than welcome to pass it on to a friend.
  • The quality of your, uh, rabbit comment doesn’t matter at all. Blabber away!
  • Once I see that you have completed all the steps, I’ll write your name on a piece of paper, chuck it into a draw and mess it up good. A week later, I’ll get my lovely mother to pick one out for me. Just because I love her.
  • Entries will close at midnight on Tuesday, 13 August Thursday, 22 August. That’s Sydney, Australia time for me. Just type ‘Sydney time’ into google and you’re set. Winner will be announced in a post on this blog the next day, so make sure you come back!

That’s it! All that’s left from me is another THANK YOU! Now knock yourselves out with those rabbits.

Words are oxygen,

Christine :)

The winner has been announced!


7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: 50% off Scrivener coupon

  1. Oh gosh rabbit! I think I missed your deadline. It’s only 9pm Thursday here in the US, but you Aussies are already enjoying your Friday. Probably getting ready for Happy Hour. If you extend the deadline once more, then throw my name into the hat. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to purchase Scrivener and this would be one. *rubs lucky rabbit foot*

  2. Hello Christine! I was just searching for coupons online for Scrivener and saw your blog. Yay! Being a poor grad student, I’m definitely in need of a special discount. That way I can feed my pet rabbit and her family of baby rabbits! :) By the way, I love your “plotting” bunny logo. That’s the most sinister looking rabbit I’ve ever seen! I will make sure to share your post on my facebook and twitter accounts so that it may reproduce like rabbits! :)

    • Hey there! You sure stumbled on the right place for your pet rabbits! I’m glad you like my bunny. He’s a sneaky one, shifting his gaze on different pages ;) Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck with the draw! Be sure to check back on Thursday!

  3. Reblogged this on Plotting Bunnies and commented:
    I’m extending the deadline for this giveaway by one week. That’s Thursday, 22 August, people! Interested in Scrivener or know anyone who is? Share the word around! I’m parting with this coupon no matter what ;)

    On a related note, it looks like the developers of Scrivener have gotten around to releasing a Windows beta for Scapple, their mindmap-ish software. Excitement abound!

  4. Howdy! Just saw this post! Unfortunately, it looks as though I’ve missed the deadline for your very generous contest, BUT that’s no reason not to (g)rabbit the bull by the horns and chime in anyway! I hope my attempt for your Scrivener coupon doesn’t rabbit you the wrong way, but you don’t win if you don’t try. I carrot believe that this post isn’t loaded with comments. People should have hopped on this opportunity! Congrabbitulations on your NaNoWriMo success and keep on keepin’ on. Word to your bunny.

    • Bonjour Monsieur Hare! You have rabbitted in at a very good time! I was about to extend the giveaway for another week to see if anyone would be interested, so thanks for hopping by! I’ll put your name in my lucky rabbit hat, do a reblog of this post and see if any more rabbits come along. Check back on Thursday, 22 August :) Good luck, monsieur!

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