“reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”
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15 Things Every Writer Knows

Just finished doing #5 and feel amazing about it. When I was little, I’d get in equal amounts of trouble with Mum for playing too much gameboy or reading into my bed time. On to a new book!

Thought Catalog

1. That language is a maze. It is an art and a calculation that when even slightly off is glaring to even the most blasé of readers– or at least, that’s what we fear. There are a thousand different ways to craft what you want to say, and every choice in every sentence does matter.

2. The unprecedented unraveling that is getting something that hurts you out of your heart and onto paper. Encrypting our paragraphs with what we really want to say to people, but just don’t have the guts to without the guise of “fiction.”

3. How the story really ends. When you live with characters inside you, you know how they end up, even if you never acknowledge it entirely. You have the answers that people go to the grave craving.

4. That there are few more frustrating endeavors. Every art has it’s difficulties, but when it…

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One thought on “15 Things Every Writer Knows

  1. Thanks for this!

    Posted by AR Neal | August 9, 2013, 3:21 am

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