Opus on 1st – Ballad

I miss you, August. You disappeared without warning and left me wide-eyed on the first day of Spring. It ain’t right.

It looks like another month has gone by already… which means it’s time for another Opus, in the footsteps of Jackie’s monthly meme at Lights All Around! Check it out and please join in if you’re interested!

Here’s my little piece for this month’s prompt: ballad. I like dialogue flash fiction because it saves you enough time to get to the gym on time. Time to jet!


“It ain’t right.”

“Yeah, it’s not. Roses don’t sigh. Maybe they melt?”

“I’m not talking about your corny lyrics.”

“Which makes you one in a million.”

“Damn it. Quit talking like that, will ya?”

“Like what?”

“Like everything you say is part of a song. I don’t want no part in your next miserable number.”

“They’re called ballads, goofball. Too late, anyway. Should’ve paid more attention to Knotted In. You’re in it.”

“… You’re kidding me.”

The world ain’t ready, ain’t pretty-

“I knew my gut hated that verse for a reason.”

“Well, I wrote it for a reason. You were right.”

“About my gut?”

“About the world. It’s not pretty and my ‘miserable numbers’ aren’t making it any prettier. She can’t hear them.”

“So they really were for her, huh?”

“Everything is for her. Everything.”

“Even this?”


“Seven billion people listening to something you wrote for one girl. It ain’t right.”

“Not quite seven billion. But enough.”


“Enough to tell her what they heard when they meet her in heaven.”


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