♫ Boyce Avenue – One Life (100% proceeds to charity!)

What’s better than good music? Good music for a good cause! Boyce Avenue has done the amazing deed of recording an awesome song, with 100% of all proceeds going towards charity. Pencils of Promise is a charity that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to education. Mark your calendars the drop of the single on 29 October and let’s help Boyce Avenue and Pencils of Promise build a school!

♫ Anberlin – Modern Age

“Future will never keep their promises / If all we hold is yesterday.”

Not many songs can beat an honest one. I like strong lyrics delivered with just the right amount of emotion and control. That, and I’ve always been a fan of rock.

I came across Anberlin’s Modern Age through an anime video made by a YouTuber I’m subscribed to. The beat caught me first, then the lyrics when I searched it up. Now I’ve got it on repeat. It’s going on my writing playlist, the one where I keep songs that remind me of my WIP novel. A 1000 words written today and a good song in the bag. Wish this happened every day!

Here’s the AMV I got the song from. I admit I only watched the first two episodes of that particular anime but it’s well suited. The maker produces amazing videos!

♫ Emilie Autumn – What If

It’s been a while since I shared some music! For me a good song is a nice sound; a masterpiece is made by its lyrics. What If is one of my favourites when it comes to lyrics. They are simple, straightforward yet thought-provoking with its little paradoxes. This is a song of identity. Listen to it – really, really listen to it. Can you hear the possibilities?

“What if I’m a world unturning?”

♫ ThePianoGuys (Jon Schmidt) – All of Me

I have a huge amount of respect for ThePianoGuys. These are musicians who truly enjoy creating music from the bottom of their heart – you can tell by how much fun they’re having! Jon Schmidt’s skill shines through in one of his most popular piano pieces. I love the uplifting tone, that sense of adventure. A keeper on my instrumental playlist for sure!

Please support the artists by purchasing their music off iTunes and visiting their youtube channel. I have many more favourites by these guys so chances are you’ll be seeing more of them – wait till you hear Steven Sharp Nelson’s cello!

P.S. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this week. I’ve got mid-semester exams coming up next week so I’m hunkered down studying… well, I’m supposed to be studying. I mean, I AM studying. I’m just mildly distracted by the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush game, that’s all :)



♫ Help Nicholas Wells make good music!

“In the music scene today, I feel like the art of songwriting sometimes gets lost under dance beats and electronic sound effects. I want to give you a genuine album of heartfelt songs on which I’m accompanied by musicians playing real instruments in a great acoustic space.”

^ That is something I have been waiting to hear for far too long.

You might remember Nicholas Wells’ music as one of the first I featured on my blog. He’s far too underrated for his talent. This man’s songs resonate with sincere emotion; his voice and style is everything I wish was mainstream. He’s now recording a new album and needs some support on his Kickstarter project. I’ve promised myself I will pitch in as soon as possible. If you guys like Nicholas’ music, please consider backing the project with any contribution and sharing the news around!

We’ve all got our dreams. For me, it’s incredibly inspiring to see others strive to reach theirs. Being able to look back and think “I helped make this happen” is as meaningful to you as it is to the receiver. Buying a hot chocolate I didn’t really need (but really, really enjoyed) puts me in a good mood, but pitching those small dollars towards someone’s dream will definitely put me in an even better mood!

Show support for Nicholas Wells’ album!

Here is another of Nicholas Well’s songs that I greatly enjoy. Hope you guys do too! Remember to share this amazing music around!

And here is one of the songs I hope to hear in its full glory on the new album!

♫ Eppic & Jess Moskaluke – Storm Before The Calm

At the time this song came out, I had a grand total of 58c in my iTunes account. It was absolute torture. Granted, I compounded it by being too lazy to buy a new voucher (no such pains anymore – debit card ftw!). But still, it took me a full month to get around to purchasing Storm Before The Calm. In between, I probably contributed a couple hundred views to the video.

Even though I love this song so much, it’s hard for me to explain exactly how it gives me that special, never-skip-this-song-on-shuffle feeling. It just feels real somehow, without taking away the grit of hardship or filling the lyrics with fairytale endings. To me, this song sounds like a promise. I’ve followed Jess from the start, ever since Tyler Ward led me to Catch Me If You Can. Since then, Jess has grown into an amazing artist, staying true to her powerful vocals. When I showed my boyfriend her songs, he asked me, “I wonder if it’s talent or lots of practice.” I laughed: “Both, honey. It’s always both.”

Here’s an admission: I don’t listen to much rap. Hearing Eppic was the first time I had a perfectly natural response to a song flowing into a rap. “This,” I thought, “is pretty awesome.” Eppic has tight control and skill, but what struck me was how sincere he sounded. There’s true honesty in his voice. The more I listened to the lyrics, the more I wanted to hear more. You’re a gem, Eppic – a real gem!

Every time I hear this song, I can imagine these two amazing voices trying to tell everyone a simple message: the rain will stop someday. Thanks for delivering wonderful music to our ears!

Support the artists by:

Buying the song on iTunes (hopefully no one follows in my footsteps!)

Visiting their youtube channels: Eppic  |  Jess

Storm Before The Calm

♫ Dirk Ehlert – Burning Rome

I’m incredibly meticulous about my music library. All songs have album artwork, are rated and categorised by genre. My iPod is my baby. In this past year, a new genre has appeared in my music. I call it: epic.

Theatrical music. Trailer scores. That kind of thing.The awesome music.

Maybe it’s because I’m writing a fantasy novel or because I plain love it – I just do. Love it, I mean. In fact, I adore it. I have a particular taste for emotional scores that carry a tone of determination and fight. I find it all so visual and appealing to my senses. Just listening to this amazing music helps me visualise the climatic scenes I’ve got planned… that, at the rate I’m snailing along, may never get written. But every time an ‘epic’ song comes on, the scene starts flooding in and I tell myself “Keep writing. This is what you’re aiming for. This is what it’ll look like. Imagine listening to this when you’re writing the action – live for that moment!”

Burning Rome is one of my newfound favourites. I wish it was longer, with a less-rushed ending, but that’s also the power of these scores. Being able to pack that much cinematic impact into 2 minutes is nothing short of a worthwhile feat. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Dirk Ehlert’s music.

Plug in the headphones, hit play and close your eyes. Maybe you’ll love it the way I do. Enjoy!

♫ Sam Tsui & Kylee – Just Give Me A Reason

Like most of the world, I’m in love with Pink and Nate Ruess’ song. It’s a craze. It’s everywhere – and it deserves the attention. The raw power in Pink’s voice is addictive and echoes with the energetic current often found in her songs. In fact, when I first heard this song and noticed a male singer, I remember wondering if he would be able to keep up with her – he most definitely could!

Artists have made great Pink covers, often by toning it down with their own interpretations. Not many step up to the task of… well, belting it the way she does.

Still, I get excited when I see my favourite youtube artists covering this song (to the point where I’ve developed a reflex reaction to the words ‘just’ and ‘reason’). I’ve been amazed by some brilliant covers in many different styles, though some part of me hoped that someone would step up to the full challenge of the original.

Then I found it. The one.

Sam and Kylee’s version is the one that hits the homerun for me. Several homeruns. They put their feet into Pink’s footsteps. That alone is worthy of respect. The fact that they were absolutely amazing? Pure admiration of their talent, their skill, their harmony. And okay, just a tiny smidgeon of jealousy; not because they sing phenomenally (I can barely sing the Australian national anthem properly), but because it’s a breathtaking experience to do something perfectly.

I actually knew Kylee before the song showed up in my feed. I knew that the songs I had of hers on my ipod were powerful, the ones that always made themselves heard when others got drowned out by the noisy train – and she’d been fourteen. When I saw ‘Kylee’, I wondered if it was the same one. My gut feeling said yes. My brain was momentarily out of action because a) “it’s a small world after all~~” was ricocheting in my mind, and b) I was processing that Sam Tsui + Kylee could only = awesome.

I was right.

I was so impressed with Sam’s versatility. From the slow ballad covers that had brought him to my attention, to upbeat pop remixes, to throwing all his breath into this song, he’s truly earned my respect. And Kylee – she blew me away! Her growth over the past few years shocked me into wide-eyed awe. That girl has stage presence. Together, these two were an absolute spectacle. Their voices blended well and were equally matched despite the challenging song. They went where many didn’t.

Of course, equal credit goes to Kurt, who produced the song and MV. It’s easy to overlook Kurt, with his generosity towards helping other artists produce good music. But he pulls just as much weight as the vocalists in all occasions. For one, he can probably play every single instrument. Secondly, his MVs are shot and put together with simple yet effective artistry. Thirdly, how can you not love that awesome drumming?!

I love the original and this cover equally, in different ways. I hope you guys enjoy them too! Please support the artists who produced these amazing tunes by:

Checking out the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpQFFLBMEPI

Visiting Kurt’s youtube channel.

Checking out other songs by Sam and Kylee.

And buying their track on iTunes!