A week of resources and inspiration for the Writer – Day 5

Useful tips for those in the revision process. I hope to reach this stage sometime in the next 12.346 years!

Blotting Away

For the final post in my week of resources I am going to cover off on the editing process. This is something I am elbows deep in at the moment and an activity that can prove more tiresome and taxing than anything else you will do on your journey to publication.

As I have mentioned before everybody works differently, but quite often I come across a handy tip that I haven’t tried out or considered. Here are the 3 things I have found most useful in editing and proofreading.

1) For your final edit, DON’T edit front to back. Start from a random chapter and keep doing another random chapter until you have finished. Alternatively start at the end and go backwards. When you edit from page one to the last, you will become engrossed in the story, regardless of how hard you try, and will miss things that you…

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✎ Featured article: How to make your eBook text file into a print-on-demand edition

“While making an ebook is pretty straightforward, putting it into print is more challenging. In traditional publishing houses, it’s an entire department’s job. You can’t just print a Word file as is; each page has to be designed and fine-tuned, even in a novel. You wouldn’t be aware of this when you look at a print book, but you would if it wasn’t done. Follow these steps to give your book that professional finish.”

Read ‘How to make your eBook text file into a print-on-demand edition’ by Roz Morris


This is an incredibly comprehensive guide on formatting your book into a professional, ready-to-print end product. I’m amazed by the amount of work involved and the effort Roz put into providing us with quality advice. Thanks for sharing!