Rain, rain, go away~

I wanted to thank my fourth year mentor for her guidance throughout my first clinical placement, so I crocheted her a teru teru bozu! Japanese children make these with tissue paper and hang them up to pray for good weather. Since my fourth year is clumsy like me, I hope that this little guy can save her from slipping on wet surfaces ;) Isn’t he cute?! I kind of want to keep him, haha. I hope she likes him!

IMAG0426 copy

“I will protect my master using my sheer cuteness. HYAAA!”

I was running out of yarn as I made him and had to alter the design to be smaller. I finished with literally 5cm left. Phew! Even more stressful than my exam tomorrow-


omg I have to study.

teru teru bozu pattern by happy-scrappie

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