Help Change a Life For Only $0.99


“I want to introduce you to Yomira. Behind that beautiful smile lies another layer that not many people are allowed to see. It’s a life full of pain, hurt, abuse, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, and fear.

For almost seven months, we have had the wonderful opportunity to provide Yomira with a loving home. She moved in with us last year, shortly after Christmas. I won’t go into all the details, but it was the result of a broken home and all six of the kids needed places to stay. As I wrote about a couple months ago, we are putting our two girls in a local Christian school here in the Charlotte area. We talked and prayed about it and felt we needed to see if there would be any chance of getting Yomira into the school as well. While living with her father, she missed a lot of days due to bullying.”

I had spent $4.50 on fish and chips the day I read Chris Martin’s post. It was a delicious lunch, though somewhat unnecessary. The iced chocolate that followed it was even more whimsical. I just like my food very, very much.

I’m not telling you about my appetite to preach about sacrificing that small dollar for a better cause; I’m sure you’ve all heard it somewhere already. Instead, I want to show you that it’s possible to get even more happiness from spending less than I did on a yummy but unnecessary lunch.

Yomira might not need fish and chips, but she needs our help. There are things some of us take for granted that others may never have, and as I sat in front of my computer with a full belly and uni mid-sem exams as my biggest woes, I realised there was no way I could not do my part to help Yomira.

Chris Martin’s wonderful family is trying to give Yomira a second chance at a happier school life and they’ve given us a chance to help change a life at the smallest costs. Helping another person is a priceless cause that gives us a feeling no amount of money can buy. That small dollar can keep your spirits up longer than a pricier lunch – most importantly, it can make all the difference to a girl’s life.

That’s why I would really appreciate it if any one of you would consider helping Chris and Yomira out. Chris is a writer and you can support the cause by buying his book The Stranger (or other novellas) off Amazon for just $0.99! If that’s not your best option or you’d like to donate any other amount, he’s also set up a Paypal donate button. I popped over to donate $5, but if that was all it took to help get Yomira one step closer to a good school, where she can experience the great joys of reading and writing, then not even a year’s supply of fish and chips could make me happier.

Help Change a Life For Only $0.99!


They are halfway towards their goal. Please help share the word! It’s taken me far too long to do the same. I truly believe that keeping good things to yourself is one of life’s biggest satisfactions, but can never compare to sharing even the smallest things with someone else :)

Thanks guys!

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